Our app gives you access to several financial analyses and your Banking and Cornèrtrader accounts as well as the possibility to execute your payments in a faster way, all with a single log-in.

Scan>Pay! The fast way to handle your payments

With Scan>Pay! you can execute your payment orders in a simple and fast way with the app myCornèr. Capture the data on the payment slips via the camera on your smartphone, check the details and authorize the payment in a few clicks.

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Innovative access to financial analyses

Discover the new way to access financial research and analyses. The myCornèr app enables you to consult high-quality information material, all on one platform with one log-in.

Main benefits of the myCornèr app:

  • access to financial analysis, market comment and research on more than 5,000 instruments, including medium and big-cap stocks, indexes, currencies and commodities
  • access to up-to-date financial research, based on fundamentals analyses and technical/momentum analyses
  • access to your Private Banking and Cornèrtrader accounts, ability to enter and monitor your orders in real time

Financial research materials available

Fundamentals analysis
Fundamentals analyses focus on blue chips quoted on major international stock exchanges. The research is accompanied by market data and comment updated on a daily basis. These analyses enable you to assess your long-term investment strategies.

Technical analysis
This type of analysis, based on technical indicators, is primarily designed for more active investors. It covers a wide range of asset classes, including shares, currencies, indexes and commodities, traded all around the world. These analyses provide hourly or daily updates, according to the liquidity and volatility of the underlying, with market comment and trading signals, including take-profit and stop-loss points.

Momentum-based financial analysis
This type of analysis is based on twelve-month trends and momentum displays. That means you can closely monitor the medium and long-term trends for specific asset classes and identify new investment opportunities, by analysing and comparing the momentum between different countries and sectors. Each asset class is given a rating (A-B-C-D with A as the best, D as the worst), calculated daily on eight technical indicators.

How do I get the app?

You can download the myCornèr app if you have a Private Banking account with Cornèr Bank enabled for online banking services, or if you have a Cornèrtrader account. If you don't yet have one of these accounts, you are welcome to try the demo version of the myCornèr app, for a 30 days’ use of all the app services, access to financial research, and the chance to try out the Cornèrtrader platform with a virtual deposit of CHF 100,000.

Private Banking clients, who have a Cornèrtrader account or access to the Market Services (trading desk) in addition to Morning Star and Trendrating researches, will also be able to use Trading Central trading signals.

In order to disable some of the financial services or for more details on the conditions of the financial research, we invite you to contact your Relationship Manager.

The access to financial research can be limited according to the specific situation of the client and/or to the jurisdictions where the client is domiciled.

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