Cornèr – Funds Capital Accumulation

Cornèr – Funds Capital Accumulation is a planned scheme of automatic investments in funds by Cornèr Bank, and its objective is the progressive accumulation of capital.

Subscribing to Cornèr - Funds Capital Accumulation is very simple. Our Clients choose, among those offered by our bank, which funds they prefer to invest in and decide a fixed amount to be paid in periodically.

Cornèr Banca takes care of all the rest, investing the available liquidity in the shares – or units – of the selected investment funds. So, our Clients don't have to worry about either “when” to invest or “how” to manage their investments, as both of these tasks are delegated entirely to our bank's experts.

Cornèr – Funds Capital Accumulation is a financial product that is:

  • anticiclical, at the strategic level
  • high-performant, in line with stock market trends
  • diversified, in risks
  • flexible: with a choice among Cornèr Bank investment funds
  • worry-free: the capital is entrusted to our fund managers, who operate every day on the financial markets
  • economical: commissions are limited and no charges are applied when the time comes to liquidate the invested capital
  • far-sighted: it is an ideal gift for young people, instead of the usual savings account. Through the accumulation of capital over time, it allows them, for example, to continue their studies without weighing on family finances, or they can count on their own personal capital to start an independent business venture.

For subscription or for more information, our Clients may contact their own Cornèr consultant, send us an e-mail message ( or send us a fax (+ 41 91 800 53 49).