Personal account

With the Cornèr Bank personal account you can have your salary paid into the account and, at the same time, make payments. It is a Swiss franc account with which you can:

  • make and receive payment orders
  • make payments by standing order
  • make payments by LSV
  • pay the rental on safe deposit boxes by debit to the account
  • carry out foreign exchange transactions
  • make deposits or withdrawals over the counter
  • buy and sell Cornèr Bank products (investment fund units or SICAV shares)
  • access online services

As a holder of a personal account you can also request a Maestro card to provide greater flexibility.

You can obtain detailed information on the position of your personal account from your statements of account (which you can arrange to receive monthly, weekly or daily) and from the eCornèr service, which is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.