Mortgage lending (Companies)

Our Credit and Commercial Department can advise your business on how best to finance the building or purchase of real estate such as commercial premises, industrial premises and offices . The choice of a fixed or variable rate and of the term of the loan is certainly a difficult one, but our advisers are here to help you look at the market and future expectations to enable you to make the best choice. In fact, we look at your business as a whole since the property is a working asset and is analysed as such.

Variable rate mortgage

  • Unlimited term (can be repaid with 3 months notice)
  • Rate varies with the market
  • Repayments agreed at the beginning (possibility of making additional repayments)

Fixed rate mortgage

  • Term: fixed, normally up to 10 years
  • Interest rate: set when the loan is taken out, based on: capital market rates, amount of the loan, your business’s financial position and guarantees provided to secure the loan
  • Repayments: agreed at the beginning (additional payments are not normally allowed)

With this product you can accurately plan the mortgage repayments, interest payments and charges and guard against a rise in rates.


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