Financial intermediaries

Our service

The Cornèr Bank Financial Intermediaries Service addresses the needs of independent asset managers, trust companies, Family Offices and law firms. It operates through direct and constant relations based on mutual trust.

The product offering

All the products and services available to clients are also offered by the Financial Intermediaries Service. There is strong potential for personalization, based on the asset manager’s stated requirements.

As a matter of principle, Cornèr Bank avoids offering its products and services in a generalized way. It prefers an integrated process of dynamic and innovative involvement of the financial intermediary.

Operating in close contact with management headquarters also confers an advantage. It enables this important Cornèr Bank service to develop tailored solutions and make immediate decisions, even in complex situations.

This service works in constant cooperation with two other important divisions of the Bank: the Markets Division and Private Banking. This optimizes its operation, so that it can meet financial intermediaries’ wide-ranging requirements.



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