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Online services

Our online services provide access to the online reporting of your clients, on our platform or directly on your IT systems.

Are you looking for the best work tools?

Our online services give you access to the financial data of the clients you administer.

Preferential access to your clients

We offer two online services specifically designed to give you immediate access to your clients' financial data: Cornèrlink and Cornèr Data Feed.

CornèrLink is a platform providing real-time access to your clients’ portfolio data, plus a selection of useful portfolio management functions: ranging from an advanced reporting system to a detailed asset allocation analysis.

Cornèr Data Feed, as the name suggests, provides a data feed of your clients’ portfolio transactions, allowing you to optimise account activity directly in your IT systems.

Your benefits

Choice of how you want to access the financial data of the clients you manage – on Cornèrlink or directly on your own IT systems.

Portfolio analysis

Online reporting

Data feed

Any doubts?

Our specialists are at your disposal to discuss how we can best assist you with our online services.

We are at your side

Our specialists offer you a top-quality service to meet your requirements and help you reach your goals.