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Private Banking

From investments to portfolio management, or for tax advice, we can meet your every need, giving you the confidence of working with a solid financial institution.


Do you know about structured products?

Structured products offer greater flexibility than traditional investment instruments can provide.

The security of a solid financial institution

For more than 70 years, we have set the standard for Private banking in Switzerland and internationally. With an emphasis on the human factor, we build long-term relationships based on trust, working alongside our clients to find the ideal solution for enhancing their portfolio.

From personalised investments to portfolio management, and for tax advice, we cater for everyone’s needs, offering the security that only a solid financial institution such as ours can give. Our product range is rounded off by our accounts, our pension products and our investment funds.

Your benefits

Every day, for three generations, we have assisted our clients with the management of their portfolios, providing an attentive and personalised service at all times.

Financial solidity

Excellence in investments

Personalised service

We are at your side

Our specialists offer you a top-quality service to meet your requirements and help you reach your goals.