With Cornèr4two you get double the benefits: discover the ideal account for you and the person you share a home with.

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The ideal account for the two of you

Do you live with a friend or partner? Then enjoy the practical convenience of Cornèr4two, the Cornèr Bank package with double the benefits, for both the people signing up for the product. For any couple – partners, friends, siblings or flatmates – if you live under the same roof, Cornèr4two offers a comprehensive range of services on special terms and conditions! This includes:

  • two current accounts (or one joint current account) for your salary and day-to-day transactions
  • two savings accounts (or one joint savings account) for setting some money aside each month
  • two Visa Debit cards
  • digital services for carrying out and checking your transactions from a phone, pc or tablet
  • two Cornèrcard credit or prepaid cards

Your benefits

Double the benefits, with maximum flexibility: Cornèr4two offers special terms and conditions for you and the person you share a home with.

Costs fully under control

Flexibility and independence

One card per person included

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