A unique insurance package, the only one of its kind on the Swiss market, for protecting your personal pension investments.

Protecting your future pension

Add value to your personal pension cover with a unique policy, the only one of its kind on the Swiss market.

The policy that protects your future

Cornèr3future is the life insurance policy that adds value to your future personal pension. With a decreasing annual premium based on a rate of 0.163% – the lowest on the market – and immediate cover, it is the only product of its kind on the Swiss market.

You can sign up for a Cornèr3future policy immediately, thus avoiding the usual assessments of your state of health. The insurance covers death from illness or accident, and can be cancelled at any time.

Your benefits

Protect your personal pension investments by choosing the product with the lowest rate on the market.

Immediate cover

No health assessment required

Annual cancellation option

Any doubts?

Our specialists are at your disposal for further details on Cornèr3future.


Cornèr3: investment in your future pension

Use a Cornèr3 pension account and linked Cornèr3future account to set funds aside for a future with peace of mind.

We are at your side

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