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With the third pillar Cornèr3, you benefit from a very advantageous interest rate of 1.40% today and a worry-free pension tomorrow. Subscribe online - it only takes 5 minutes!

Benefits of Cornèr3

With Cornèr3 you flexibly set aside the level of resources you will need on your retirement, or as the basis for more major investments.

Interest rate: 1.40%

No account management fee

Tax saving

For a carefree future

With the third pillar Cornèr3, you make private provisions and at the same time increase your financial flexibility in retirement. This way, you can treat yourself to that long-awaited trip around the world, start redesigning your own four walls or simply enjoy a carefree life.

5 good reasons for subscribing to the Cornèr3 pension account

  • Pension increase: With the Cornèr3 pension account you improve your retirement cover and close any pension gaps at the same time.
  • Flexibility: You decide how much you want to pay into the Cornèr3 pension account.
  • Tax savings: Amounts paid in can be deducted from your taxable income.
  • Home ownership: You have the possibility of an early withdrawal when buying or building your own home.
  • Lump-sum withdrawals: You can withdraw your savings up to five years before reaching the AHV retirement age.

You can quickly and securely subscribe to the Cornèr3 pension account online. We ask you for some personal information and that's it! If you prefer the traditional way, download the form, fill it in following the instructions, print it out and return it duly signed. The documentation is only available in German.

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Provide for your future with Cornèr3future

Cornèr3future is a life insurance policy, the only one of its kind on the Swiss market, to safeguard your personal pension investments.

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